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Hey, just wanted to let you know real quick that I looked into the video playback issues some of you have pretty extensively now and at this point I’m pretty certain that there’s nothing I can do about them 🙁

Neither the blog software nor the server configuration seem to be the problem but the way Apple’s Safari browser is handling streamed videos. Many, many people have the same problem with their blogs and the answer always boils down to “this is a problem on Safari’s end”.

So for the time being you sadly won’t be able to watch videos on this blog with Safari under MacOS or iOS. If you’re on a Mac you can always visit the site with a better browser like Firefox or Chrome at least.

I’ll definitely keep looking into alternative ways to post the videos and try to find something that will work on Apple devices. Sorry again!

4 thoughts on “Video Playback in Safari”

  1. On an iPad, I use Firefox ( firefox focus app) to access this website, rather than my usual Safari, as it plays the videos with no problem,. It really is just a Safari issue.

  2. @Nick

    I’ve tried normal Firefox, Chrome and now your suggested Firefox Focus on my iPad. None of them work for me.

    While you’re very fortunate, it seems like an iOS issue to me … 😢

  3. Better is a relative term. Chrome is better at handling non-standard protocols but you pay, on a Mac, with much higher power usage, draining your batteries.

  4. I am not a web developer, but it seems strange that the video playback is such problematic on this site with Safari. Videos work on basically every site I visit: video sites, porn sites, news sites etc,

    I wonder what is going wrong. Perhaps Chrome has become the new “Interner Explorer optimized”, but now no one cares about the ideals of the web as the ruler is “good” company that does no evil.

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