Video Playback Problems

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Hey, as I mentioned over on milkboys, I’m aware that the videos here aren’t working on Apple devices. I wasn’t able to fix it yet (work & life were pretty stressy lately) but I’ll try some different plugins for video playback over the weekend and hopefully get it fixed. I’ll start posting videos again as soon as that’s done

UPDATE: Turns out the issue is harder to solve than I thought. I tried several different plugins but with none of them the videos work on Apple devices. I googled around a bit and the general diagnose was basically “Safari’s HTML5 player is bad” so I’m not sure if and how I can solve this.

I also tried to convert the videos into a format that is specifically labelled “iPhone-compatible” but that lowered the video quality, quadrupled the file size and still didn’t work in Safari…

If you have any ideas, please feel free to let me know!

Member Mails

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I had some problems with the mail server yesterday, it should be all fixed now but if you’re a Patreon supporter and still didn’t get a mail with a link to generate a password for this blog, please let me know. (Do check your spam folder though, for some people the mail ended up in there apparently)

Drink up!

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I never had a problem with posting any kind of naughty content on milkboys but that was also never really the focus of the site; it’s supposed to be a colourful mix of interesting pictures, videos, articles, thoughts, reviews and news.

I’m not naive enough though to believe that a sizeable chunk of the people coming to milkboys doesn’t enjoy the naked guys more than anything else 😉 On the other hand there are some people who rather not have a dick on every page.

So I decided to make a side blog that will cater to the people who enjoy the raunchier side of things, a site that’s all twinks. Everything is till a bit bare bones, I’ll be working on the theme, a site logo and icon etc over the next few days.

Most posts here will be freely available to everyone but I thought I might also use the opportunity to say thank you to all those people who enabled me to run milkboys for a whopping 11 years now by doing some exclusive posts for them every now and then.

I will try to email all Patreon supporters and donors over the coming days with their account details. If you donated before and didn’t get a mail, please let me know!

PS: Wondering about the name? Wonder no more
Gifs by the wonderful Milo, check him out on Tumblr