Fresh(er) Juice!

I’ve moved juiceboys over to milkboys. You can find it by clicking on the juiceboys button in the top right corner of or by clicking here!

Supporter posts will be accessible with your milkboys supporter account there. If you have an account here on juiceboys but not over at milkboys please let me know and I’ll fix that for you!

Bonus egg: Videos should now work on MacOS and iOS!

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Video Playback in Safari

Hey, just wanted to let you know real quick that I looked into the video playback issues some of you have pretty extensively now and at this point I’m pretty certain that there’s nothing I can do about them 🙁

Neither the blog software nor the server configuration seem to be the problem but the way Apple’s Safari browser is handling streamed videos. Many, many people have the same problem with their blogs and the answer always boils down to “this is a problem on Safari’s end”.

So for the time being you sadly won’t be able to watch videos on this blog with Safari under MacOS or iOS. If you’re on a Mac you can always visit the site with a better browser like Firefox or Chrome at least.

I’ll definitely keep looking into alternative ways to post the videos and try to find something that will work on Apple devices. Sorry again!

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Video Playback Problems

Hey, as I mentioned over on milkboys, I’m aware that the videos here aren’t working on Apple devices. I wasn’t able to fix it yet (work & life were pretty stressy lately) but I’ll try some different plugins for video playback over the weekend and hopefully get it fixed. I’ll start posting videos again as soon as that’s done

UPDATE: Turns out the issue is harder to solve than I thought. I tried several different plugins but with none of them the videos work on Apple devices. I googled around a bit and the general diagnose was basically “Safari’s HTML5 player is bad” so I’m not sure if and how I can solve this.

I also tried to convert the videos into a format that is specifically labelled “iPhone-compatible” but that lowered the video quality, quadrupled the file size and still didn’t work in Safari…

If you have any ideas, please feel free to let me know!

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