4 thoughts on “*94”

  1. I come home from work to find my little brother laying on my bed, stark naked and with a THROBBING COCK, and he says, with a wink and a smile, “Mom and Dad have gone out for dinner with friends, and won’t be back until late! “

    1. Of all the guys do ever meet who get hard ons while with this creepy, none become lovers. Some still do have this’s love … this creepy thing can never do more than that. Older brother & younger brother do try to make a sex thing of this body, but fail. Neighbors friend’s brother shows his hard on three times to these eye & makes sure these eyes see him and it. He brings a friend who gets a hard on for this to see, & who then runs away as do show him these eyes do see it, yes, runs away. &c, Masturbating takes care of all that. Until age 19 …. 👀 💕 👏 👍 ♫♪☼ ✨ Since, all lovers fail, including this creepy.

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