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  1. LOVE does NOT rule the world. Nor does HARD WORK nor does any easier nor any other work. Nor does ACCOUNTING for its measuring of any work. Nor does MONEY. WAR, nor PEACE. Nor do men nor women nor any thing in between nor any other thing nor any of their acts RULE THE WORLD. The several cosmetologists disagree but do concur on this — THERE IS NO RULE OF THE WOLD. Nor any rules nor ruling nor any RULER OF THE WORLD.
    — a sock to enhance the cock is not a rare and there are devices too to do it.
    😳 👀 😁 👻:👻: 👻🍸 : 😂 🍸 ✨ ♂ 💕 🌞 ☮ Do Like Such Socks.

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