7 thoughts on “*83”

    1. there are guys who have to carry this thou.
      Would like to meet him in a public swimming pool.

      1. I think, the longer the dick, the less it gets hard…a nice 45° erection is elementary to me

  1. A big fat 20 inch dick at rest needs very little of the body blood to get stiff. Do compare arms, legs, abs, while running, & the inches. The body moves blood while exercising & while sexing, parts depending. Girls get genital blood as do Boys upon such a thing as successfully climbing a hill, especially off a dare. FEMALES feel the vibrates of motor vehicles as do MALES, & are similarly of a desire to rub a dub. NOT the same nor equal. Similar. Not all dicks are the same. Not all bodies the same. => Do think the photo is OBVIOUSLY a fraud💰. It is a FUN but is a not real. =>NICE SITE and do enjoy it.

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