6 thoughts on “*427”

  1. What is the fucking problem with Japanese porn? They always obscure/blur the genitalia. Is there some kind of stupid law over there or what?

    1. If the blur is intentional it’s probably because it was being set up for US consumption – in general I’ve found Japanese porn to be pretty “in your face” really.

      If nothing else I find this to be pretty nice – I love the concept that they were so fired up the one boy didn’t even get his shorts off before getting to work on the other fellows ass!

    2. As a sex cop, you here show you are a fraud. XXX is in and from Japan and China and Africa and India. Or, parts there of. Brazil has its XXX sites.

  2. Am not aware of any Japanese blur nor Japanese obscure of sex parts nor of any such to sexually acting parts nor of the bodies they are of. XXX is there as well and as able as in the USA. Go see Japanese SHOTA for some examples.

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