2 thoughts on “*404”

  1. JIZZ is, musically, JAZZ. After dicking, there is the emit JIZZ, JISM or JASM. The expelling is JAZZING. The event is JAZZ. There are other words of relate.
    — Now a days, such words, and such the meanings of, are of puritanical expel.
    — The PURITANS were so pure as to own black and white slaves.
    — Now a days, we are left with JIZZ, JISM, and JAZZ. JAZZ aint be what it wuzz.
    — NEW ORLEANS music, culture, and language is a result of FREE BLACKS, INDIANS, leftover FRENCH, leftover SPANISH, WHITE ENGLISH incursives, etceteras of the Carabeans.
    — — — OH ! The bottom guy now needs a full throttling. Now THAT is NOT a phrase other than a, UH, desire to see. He be need.
    — ha ha ha 🦑 💚 squid or octopus and love heart.

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