3 thoughts on “*40”

  1. Meanwhile, on the Starship Enterprise, young Starfleet Cadet Ensign Wesley Crusher is busy jacking off on the transpoter pad, when all of a sudden….

  2. OR … star gasms such as baby cake Chad Lowe gets a may be only a sparkling off. BEAM HIM UP, even only as a sparkle, CHAD LOWE. 🍫… UH OH …
    — OH !!! This not that lighting sprinkling such a source for such ! Give this CHAD LOWE love some how. 🍬 🍭 !!
    — Other wise and Other ways and Other guys and Other sparks … ☕️
    — ha ha ha … Sparkling old but do LOVE the guy CHAD LOWE even now. HE be he some peach 🍑 but he be a peach on his own. OK. He is also, to this person, as some 🔥💥🔥 explosive fire … CHAD LOWE.
    — THAT and WHO such this all sparks reminds … TIME T MOVE ON.

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