4 thoughts on “*389”

  1. A cutie in his innocent youth.
    But this pic is that old – today he has hopefully also reached the barrier to retirement.
    Remember boys: The old, grumpy farts were also young once – Open minded and always ready to be naughty 😉

    1. But grumpy farts choose to be that way. There are nice people too. There are old people who are open minded and ready to be naughty, and some of them have talents and treat well, nice grandpas. And when they get to be great grandpas, I imagine they can be nice just wanting lovely company scenery.
      Yes, that is an old pic. He still looks good in it.

  2. By so exposing his self to the camera, he is obviously not not aware of grumpy’s, grumpies, nor other farts, old nor otherwise, nor afraid of them. This guy here from out here would like to snuggle under and into that thing this guy in the picture wears and emerge out at the top as a favorite, or, at least, as a tolerable companion of his. YUM 🌺 🌿

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