2 thoughts on “*337”

  1. A”Go in there and get that porn whore Rape, Cut, and Kill him. NOW !”
    B”I kinda like the white sheets he gots. He fits in them nice.”
    C”I be go do it. RAPE. CUT. KILL. Porn faggot whore. Wipe up.”
    A”Go gore out his hole, slice out his sex. Make white sheets red ! NOW !”
    C”Is he a hole virgin ? Those white sheeeets look pure on him.”
    A”No queer faggot whore hole for hire is pure. Make that bed RED ! NOW !”
    { End of PART ONE of THE WHITE SHEETS MYSTERY. } ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Movie Studios. ♂☮🍸🍁🍸🍸🍀🍸🍸 —- THANKS for the mystery . . . .

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