2 thoughts on “*331”

  1. NO ! can not figure what makes the man / guy move the way they do. strange to say it as it is here as a writ, but it is sexy. can not figure its sexiness.
    [ detective ] So why’s he moving so about wit you a watching and you know nothing at all about it ?
    [ reply ] he just looks so sexy ! [ detective ] Take him in !
    [ react ] axnd izfhd zfgmzdd d pozfg jopgfx osssjo oihguyfu kjbu
    [ detective ] THAT is SEXY ! Take him in !!! Just like the video. SEXY .!.!.!.!
    { tune in for next episode of .!.!.!.!.! sexy male love ♂♪♫[ music ] ha ha ha ]

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