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  1. In the old bathhouse days the challenge was to take it ’till you loose it! The feel of shooting a load because someone has fucked your pussy long and hard and not even touched your cock – amazing!

  2. It takes this writer four hours to figure out what Sebaustin means in his comment about the GIFF versus his experiences. Subservients exist. How they get o be super acquiescence’s is unknown. Many get a making via drugs, alcohol, hunger, insanity. Only to become zombies or slaves. Expellers on demand with no sex. Male cunts. Females are oft. Here on is a male. May be there are those automatically sex slaves. Most people seem to be like slaves. Sebaustin sure makes my day, Thank You guy … Thank this site for allowing him and his comment. The GIFF is sexy still and also sexy stiff. mmmmm

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