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  1. I go for the person. Each is gift wrapped and a surprise so I embrace them as they are. Their attractiveness to me is the first thing, which may or may not be a matter of beauty, it can just be a type of sexuality/sensualness, yes whether they have some heat is important, though they don’t have to be a porn star level. Whether they are a nice person is very important. How intelligent, well their attractiveness, how hot and nice person they are is more important. Money, well all that is required is that they be willing to have a job, no stay at home and depend on me types are welcome. For me, the disadvantage of overly big is they are difficult for me to pleasure and enjoy. Their size will limit what we will enjoy. I am not a big person so….. I am happy for people who enjoy big people. I most enjoy all of the rest, very much. Medium and smaller are more my style and they will not be turned away if they are nice people.

  2. Oh my goodness is he a dream!!!! 😀 He appears incredibly, tall, too!!!! He has a beautiful physique… goodness gracious!!!!

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