8 thoughts on “*292”

  1. the summum of hypocrisy is to blur the genitals like Japanese mostly do…it’s time to grow and wake up!

  2. Wow, love to edge and torture that boy. Don’t let him touch his own penis, hands behind your head while I control your orgasm

  3. 1) Go to
    for some real modern Japanese extual stuff. The site is odd so … cymykrush.com and use the find is may be necessary.
    2) Know nothing of Japanese nor any blur of any country. imgsrc.ru is now hostage to infect. Beware that.
    3) Know no BLONDE Japanese. DO like the gifs of this guy’s quarter moon.

  4. Maybe got to go to cymykrush dot com to get modern Japanese stuff ?
    LIKE this guy’s quarter moon !!!!

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