5 thoughts on “*288”

  1. There’s a reason as to why the call it “bumping uglies”! Quite a lovely uncut cock! It looks in dire need of release!

  2. On looking at his site, his body and its parts seem far more pretty than can be made out from this gif. I shouldn’t have been quiet so harsh, but I must say that the gif is horrible and doesn’t really represent what I can see of him at his site.

  3. My personal thoughts are to say something nice, something that adds to a conversation, or nothing at all. I imagine that Josh does not go out and find everything, that some things are sent to him, directly or indirectly. I also like to visit a site that has pleasant energy. I see any of a number of photos/articles on this site that I don’t particularly care for but simply don’t comment. I don’t want to contribute to a negative perception and be a cause of someone not sending one of the beautiful photos.

  4. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion, I suppose. I just think it’s super awkward to comment on a part of a person’s body they had absolutely no control or say in how turned out. I mean, it’s his cock… it’s been his cock his entire life. It’ll be his cock until the day he dies. It is what it is. Like it, love it, whatever… why comment on it. *shrugs* And therein lies the rub.

  5. POP GOES THE WEASEL (song, date not knowable, probably a drinking song) — Half a pound of tuppenny rice, Half a pound of treacle. That’s the way the money goes, Pop! goes the weasel. ( etcetera … ) ♪♫☺☻♂🍸♫♪🍸♫♪🍸♫♪
    — — OBVIOUSLY meaning a dick popping up for / by the horny for money and / or for FUN ! ♂🍸♫♪🍸♫♪🍸♫♪♂
    —- — — The gif is a cute example of animal weasel behavior. It does show up … ha ha ha ♂🍸♫♪🍸♫♪🍸♫♪ ♂

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