5 thoughts on “*250”

  1. Hahaha! I love how freaking comfortable he is in his own skin. He seems like a lot of fun, in and out of the sheets. I did always wonder what can cause a curve in ones cock.

  2. They abandon WATER MILLS for similar reasons as much, but via humor, as CERVANTES shows the uselessness of WIND MILLS [way before cars] by way of DON QUIXOTE. Such does not stop such all. Please note that black smiths NEVER in the past use wind nor water for energy. WHAT has any of THAT have to do with the gif showing a spiraling fun ? NOTHING. Having as much FUN as he is, that is all. Bad English ….
    — COCK SPIRALING is FUN !!! ♫♪☼♂ ( * _ * ) ☮♂

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