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        1. Yes, I am acknowledging their individuality without them having indicated to me how to refer to them and giving them the respect they deserve to be whomever they wish to be/are. I would surmise they are feminine but current etiquette has me refer to them as they. I need to break out of my box and be/discover me rather than putting others in boxes. A way to understand restricting others with your presumptions and language is whether it is a cage or a room is to consider where a Falcon goes to hang out or sleep when it is with the Falconer. It is definitely the choice of the Falcon to participate with the world of the Falconer. The world is changing quickly to be more open with inclusiveness and diversity and happening at a time that it is really needed though still slow.

          1. and my previous statement does not presume that though feminine to my eye, they are necessarily a she, they can be a them which is non-binary.
            I refer to myself as cis-male as that is what I determine myself to be but also in respect for others’ determination about themselves. While I refer to myself as he/him I am accepting if others want to call me they.

  1. I appreciate your inclusiveness and consideration of their process, Sidog.
    Makes me curious about how the rest of the regulars of the MB/ JB sites self identify.
    I found myself pleasantly surprised that you self ID as cis-male…it blew up my presumption that MB only attracted lgbtqi viewers.
    Thank you,
    Gay-male charles (he/him)

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