3 thoughts on “*166”

  1. This is funny …. only because it instantly reminded me of a porn that I have where a military guy is doing that [above] but with a hat and he worked to kick it on his head — he finally did it after about 2 dozen tries. They were in a motel room.

  2. IF ☼ a guy like the power flaunting flouter ღ in the picture ever comes to this motel room & wants a hole, he gets a goal. THEN he can shut the fucking door. Awhiling away in a motel do try the pizza delivery guy & fail. Do try the auto mechanic & fail. Do try the local police chief’s son & succeed. Various phone calls make job a loss & a move a require. Do once see a sports beauty guy, as in the photo, at a bus stop. He is obvious. Do fail. Motel. Street seeker. Sober. Failure. He actually says “I do not like anyone talking to me like that”. If he runs for mayor, he’ll get one vote. 🍸👓♂🍸😍 Do move on, Way before voting. 😇 ❣ 😍

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