3 thoughts on “*122”

  1. There, mfvb and Kitsune, a hard one being worked on. I would like to think this is an outtake from Threesome, with Stephen Baldwin working on Josh Charles, but alas.

  2. Is this what Soccer players do during time-outs? 🙂

    I know some pull down others’ shorts during the game. Others just expose themselves during a game. Or grab another’s crotch. And others just pull it out and urinate on the field or sidelines.

  3. He looks to this writer as if he is not willing but does this from some prompting [ what the prompt is we know nothing ]. He is doing it orally and THAT id often a severe humiliate. But girls do such too. ( FEMinists … do NOT declare ANY innocence ! ) Does any one suspect his good looks is some other’s motivate ? Money &/or a Dare, may be. Or a hazing. Can not discern.

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